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UPVC Windows in Banstead
Keep Your Property Warm With Double Glazing and More

The UK always seems to enjoy a few weeks of summer, but the weather can be cold and dreary for much of the year. Cooler winds hit in autumn, winter and spring, while rain seems to come and go at relatively short notice. To combat these conditions, your home needs reliable double glazing that prevents heat loss and internal dampness. You might also wish to consider uPVC windows, composite doors, bifold doors or uPVC doors, depending on your budget and the immediate needs of your Banstead home.

Below, we look at simple ways to make your property more thermally efficient. If you’d like a quote without hearing from a pushy salesperson, call Dorwyn Ltd. Our team has no sales team because we don’t need them; we have a great reputation and rely on positive referrals.

Increase Daytime Sunlight

Maximise warmth in the Banstead area by letting the sunlight in during the day. This means opening the curtains at the right time and drawing them at night. Thicker curtains will preserve warmth during the night but won’t restrict airflow while open. Bifold doors prove especially useful because of the clear double glazing and thin frames that offer a clear path for the sunlight to enter.

Check for Draughts

Do you feel a chill even with the windows closed? If so, you may have a draught coming in. About 10 per cent of heat in the average home escapes through the windows and doors, but this figure may rise due to an old or improper fixture. At Dorwyn Ltd, we fit uPVC windows, uPVC doors and composite doors with a tight finish through expert craftsmanship. This will ensure your property stays as warm as possible.

Replace Single Glazing

Older homes tend to feature a blend of single and double-glazed windows. These single-glazed panels will lose more heat than double glazing because they lack the additional layer and argon gas that improves efficiency. For this reason, installing new uPVC windows or bifold doors will likely transform your space for extra comfort in the wintery seasons.

Consider Composite Doors

UPVC doors act as superb insulators, but composite doors take things a step further for optimal security and energy efficiency. These innovative products from Solidor boast an insulated timber core that maintains the temperature inside your Banstead property – working as a barrier that cold air simply can’t penetrate. Should an accident or act of vandalism occur, the glass stays in the frame so that you lose less heat while waiting for professional aid.

Warm Roofs

It isn’t just about getting new double glazing, bifold doors, uPVC windows or uPVC doors. If you own a conservatory with a glass roof, then you may lose a considerable amount of thermal energy through the ceiling. Our locally trusted fitters install warm conservatory and orangery roofs across Banstead, using the finest products from Guardian Building Systems.

By following the above steps, you’ll be better prepared for the cold air of winter and can expect to spend less on heating as a result.

Please call 07768 769996, 01737 847196 or 01883 725730 for uPVC windows with double glazing to keep your property in Banstead warm throughout the year.