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Double Glazing in Reigate
for uPVC and Aluminium Windows and Doors

Although most homes in the UK now enjoy double glazing, some older properties feature single-glazed panels that continue to lose heat. With this heat loss comes a colder environment, off-setting the benefits that come with modern composite doors, bifold doors and uPVC windows. This makes replacing your single-glazed windows a vital part of homeownership, especially if you want to keep cosy as winter descends on the Reigate area.

Don’t forget, our company provides double-glazed aluminium windows as well as uPVC. While we can just replace the glass, many homeowners choose to update the frames as well. Aluminium provides a sophisticated finish for heritage and contemporary properties alike.

Let’s look at what double glazing is and what it means for your home’s energy efficiency and value.

What Are Double-Glazed Windows?

While single-glazed windows have just one sheet of glass separating you and the outside world, double glazing includes two. Between these glass panels is a sizeable gap, which is actually filled with an invisible gas like argon. This gas works hard to retain heat, so double-glazed windows do much more than just add another layer of glass to your property.

Where Can I See Double Glazing?

Modern bifold doors, uPVC windows, composite doors and aluminium installations include double glazing as standard. Rustic cottages and prestige homes often have traditional windows put in to complement their old-world charm, but with innovative double glazing that keeps them warm and secure. You won’t always know A-rated windows in the Reigate or Surrey areas when you see them.

Will It Add to My Home’s Value?

Today’s new property buyers are surprisingly savvy about energy efficiency. In turn, you’ll need to do everything you can to make your property a more attractive purchase. The more desirable it becomes and the more the buyer will save money on heating, the more likely it becomes they’ll offer to meet your asking price.

Studies suggest that by double glazing your home in the Reigate area, you increase its value by as much as 10 per cent. That’s a large amount for little effort, especially when choosing a team that delivers the best price for window installations, bifold doors and more.

Should I Replace Before I Move Away?

This depends on the state of your current windows. If you already own uPVC windows and they feel secure, then by all means, get your FENSA certificate ready and move out. If they appear in bad condition or your home includes single-glazed windows, you should think about replacing them. Remember, buyers want to see each entranceway secured, so composite doors and elegant bifold doors also go a long way.

Who Should I Call for Hassle-Free Installation?

If you live near Reigate and want quality double glazing in uPVC windows, choose a FENSA-registered and CERTASS-approved installer. Aside from certifications, you might also want to pick someone with great recommendations in the local area. Dorwyn Ltd supplies and installs windows and doors from today’s market leaders, ensuring homes across Surrey boast strong, energy-efficient doors and windows that look great as time goes on.

We provide 10-year guarantees for all installations, but some of our products hold warranties for an extended period. Please give us a call or visit our showroom in Godstone to discover what we can do for your beloved family home.

Remember, you can rely on Dorwyn Ltd for aluminium windows as well as uPVC products. We supply a broad range of aluminium window styles and colours, with benefits such as a longer lifespan and superior resistance.

Whether you need double glazing in Reigate or the surrounding areas, Dorwyn Ltd is ready to take your call on 07768 769996, 01737 847196 or 01883 725730.