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UPVC Windows and Composite Doors in Horley
Easy Ways to Secure Your Home

Burglaries happen across the UK every day. Thankfully, there are simple ways to secure your home from thieves. While alarm systems prove beneficial, not everyone in Horley or the surrounding areas wants them. This is where the team at Dorwyn Ltd comes in. We improve home security by fitting high-quality uPVC windows, aluminium windows, double glazing, bifold doors and composite doors, ensuring all features have durable locks.

So, how can you secure your home in a way that won’t cost you a small fortune? Read on to find out or call Dorwyn Ltd for advice, supply and installation in the local area.

Inspect the Locks

It’s essential to check that all doors and windows lock as they should. This is because any issue will make locks that much easier to pick or break through. Be on alert for loose, worn or flimsy door handles as well as damage to the lock itself which can indicate a previous break-in attempt. We also advise clients in Horley to secure each entry point before leaving the house.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

If in doubt, consider the multipoint locking systems found in composite doors. Modern bifold doors and windows with double glazing are also highly secure, making it more difficult for a potential burglar to get in.

Providing a full supply and installation service, our team can replace outdated locking systems which burglars might see as an easy mark. Our customers in Horley and across Surrey can choose from aluminium windows, uPVC windows and various doors, all with high-performance locks and optional additional security features.

Don’t Just Think About Night

It’s natural to feel most vulnerable when the sun goes down but, statistically, most burglaries happen during the day. Consequently, it is important to close windows and doors when you leave a room or go out. By keeping entry points closed when unmonitored, you put off any would-be thieves.

Modernise When Needed

Do you have concerns that your existing windows and doors in the Horley area aren’t up to the standards of modern installations? If so, call Dorwyn Ltd for the latest uPVC windows, aluminium windows, composite doors, bifold doors and more besides. We strip out the fixtures that could enable forced entry, replacing them with innovative products from the most reputable brands.

We can also replace single glazing with more secure double glazing which is harder to break.

Other ways to secure the home include:

  • Motion-activated light fixtures
  • Locking second-floor windows
  • Never leaving a key under the mat
  • Keeping valuables out of plain sight
  • Staying quiet about long holidays
  • Installing a burglary alarm system
  • Locking the garage as well as the home
  • Keeping the landscape open and clear

For composite doors, uPVC windows and more in the Horley area, call Dorwyn Ltd on 07768 769996, 01737 847196 or 01883 725730.