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Aluminium Windows and Bifold Doors in Caterham
The Benefits of New Doors and Windows

If you’ve struggled with a problematic window, had to buy thick curtains to keep out a draught or believe that your security may be at risk, then it’s time to invest in new windows and doors. Dorwyn Ltd works with numerous brands like REHAU and Solidor to bring you the very best products available. We can provide uPVC windows, bifold doors and composite doors. Our team also fits tough double glazing for properties all over Caterham and the surrounding areas.

Dorwyn Ltd is also proud to offer an extensive range of aluminium windows to complement classic to modern homes. All popular styles and colours are available as well as options to suit more unique tastes.

How can these products improve your home in the long run? Read on to find out.

A Personalised Look

Older windows and doors may have suited the previous owner, but that doesn’t make them a good match for your personal tastes. Our uPVC windows come in a range of styles, as do our composite doors that grant either a traditional or contemporary vibe. Refresh your windows or add bifold doors to add your own take to the property you now call home.

Low Maintenance

Outdated windows and doors may appear rundown and will often prove tougher to clean. Dirt wipes away from our products using everyday methods, and by choosing tilt-and-turn uPVC windows for your Caterham home, you can maintain their sparkling appearance without needing a window cleaner or having to set foot on a ladder.

Energy Efficiency

It takes an experienced installer to fit new uPVC windows to a superior standard. Correct fitting will prevent cold air from getting in, just as it stops the heat from escaping. Single-glazed windows transfer internal heat to the outside because they lack the argon gas found within double glazing. Composite doors have a solid and insulated core, which further adds to the efficiency of your home.

If you live around Caterham and struggle to keep up with your heating bills, consider how new bifold doors, uPVC windows and other installations may actually save you money.

Increased Value

When on the market for a new property, you’ll no doubt want to check the state of the windows and doors before buying. This applies to anyone looking to purchase your home too. As such, broken locks, unsightly frames and rotting wood can make your property a much harder sell. Keep the asking price high by calling Dorwyn Ltd for high-quality installations. We fit each product with meticulous care, respecting your home and going that extra mile for the customer when needed.

Better Security

Your family has the right to feel safe. For this reason, it’s important to check that every lock works as intended. Any problems will put the home at risk, especially to those around Caterham who know how to get past damaged doors and windows. Our bifold doors deliver high security despite the large amount of double glazing, while composite doors offer unrivalled strength – complete with glass that stays put even when shattered.

Make new windows and doors a priority if you want to feel proud of your home. Not only do these products boost security and thermal performance, but they also maintain the property’s market value and allow you to use less energy in the wintertime.

Don’t forget, we also supply and fit quality aluminium windows which are thermally efficient, low maintenance and which offer a high level of security. Their superior durability also provides additional peace of mind.

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